Filtration plants



Ultrafiltration allows the treatment of wastewater and process water by sending it at low pressure through special semi-permeable membranes, with the generation of two final flows.

It is possible to separate macro molecules of organic and inorganic substances, oils and fats.

This technology is used in many different industrial sectors, whether for recovery or treatment, from the plating sector, to regarding petrochemicals and the food sector.

Reverse Osmosis Plant

The reverse osmosis plant is used to treat process water, pumping it at high pressure through special semi-impermeable membranes.

The porosity of these membranes traps particles and ions such as soluble salts and metals.

The solution to be treated is pumped through the membrane and generates two flows. One contains all the ions and pollutants which do not pass through the pores, the other consists of water with a low saline content.

Carbon or Absorption Filter

Plants used for applications that require the guarantee of having a supply of water with a low ionic resistance.


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